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In Accolades

COPILOT Wins AMP Award for Best Original Song

On 26, May 2017 | In Accolades, News |

COPILOT took home the Best Original Song at the 5th Annual AMP Awards for Music and Sound last night in New York. The winning entry was the Fallout 4 “Nuka World Official Trailer,” created by Bethesda Game Studios. It features a fun, campy and period-accurate jingle for a fictional theme park called “Nuka World.” This marks the fifth straight year COPILOT has won at the AMP awards, a show that is decided upon by fellow composers and producers. Shootonline has the full list of winners.

From Left to Right: Paul Greco (J. Walter Thompson), Jason Menkes, Ravi Krishnaswami, Keith D’Arcy (Songs Publishing)