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Music for the Future of Media

Purell “Hands”

Sears “Kardashian Kollection”

PopTech! “Sparks of Brilliance”

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Express “Mexico City”

World Wildlife Fund “Together – Trailer”

Dishonored “The Drunken Whaler”

AT&T “Anthem”

Vena Cava “Viva Vena!”

VH1 “Explained by Robots”

Strategy + Soul

We understand the value of collaboration. We reach inside your project and find its beating heart. We glean the strategy before selecting our tools. We navigate you through all facets of music production from creative consultation to composition + sound design to post. We use our versatility, experience and relationships to build the best team for your needs. We’ve been at it since 2008 and get better each day. Join us.

Neumond Recording Company Launches

9th April 2014

With buzzworthy articles at the Wall Street Journal and Onion AV Club, we’ve entered the pop culture conversation masquerading as a 1960′s record label working for the German government. We’re serious.


26th February 2014

Menkes to Lead Panel on Music for Game Marketing @ SXSW Interactive, Krishnaswami to Discuss Working With Music Houses @ SXSW Music.

SXSW Interactive | March 7 | Thursday Music for Video Game Marketing

SXSW Music | March 12 | Get Yourself Working WIth Music Houses on Ads Now

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2013: A Banner Year

3rd January 2014

This has been an amazing year, begining with some groundbreaking work for World Wildlife Fund and The Mill, continuing with a spine-tingling new trailer for Wolfenstein and a string of awards for the Dishonored Trailer, including AMP and AICP, and ending with some amazing new experiential projects that you’ll be hearing about in the new year.

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