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COPILOT Music + Sound

154 Grand Street

New York, NY 10013

t: 212.213.6880

f: 212:.500.6880

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Our Work Speaks For Itself

Bethesda Game Studios “Fallout 76 Official Trailer”

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus –E3 2017 Announce Trailer

Avon “Standing More For Beauty”

Take 2 / Private Division Sonic ID

Olly 2017 Campaign

Stitch Fix “Convenience :30”

State Street Advisors “Fearless Girl Arrives”

GE “Brilliant Factory”

Jolly Rancher “Team USA” Olympics Campaign

Paragon Open Beta Launch Trailer

Fallout 4 – Nuka-World DLC Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored 2 E3 Gameplay Trailer

DOOM Launch Trailer

Westin Hotels & Resorts “Brand Essence Film”

Whitney Farms

Humane Society “Same Day Pups”

Jello “Faces”

Tetris Ultimate Trailer

Starwood Hotels “Open Up”

Fairfield Inn & Suites

Battlecry “Reveal Trailer”

Visa FIFA Samba of the World

Wolfenstein: The New Order

World Wildlife Fund “Together – Trailer”

Dishonored “The Drunken Whaler”

AT&T “Anthem”

BattleCry E3 Gameplay Trailer

Acura Mashup

Sears “Kardashian Kollection”

AMP Awards

Purell “Hands”

VH1 “Explained by Robots”

Jolly Rancher “Fruit Gang” (Megamix)

Second Time Around

hotstar India

Verizon “Winter Wonderland”

Welcome to Rolltape

Solid Homme “Re:Born”

AICP Conference 2010

Express “Mexico City”

ALFA “Biplane”

PopTech! “Sparks of Brilliance”

Wheat Thins “Day Glow”

Sunny D “Sunny Day”

The Big Bang “Briefly”

Fidelity “Synthetic Biology”

Northland “Light Shadow”

MAC Cosmetics “Red She Said”

Vena Cava “Viva Vena!”

Johnson & Johnson “Pink”

AIGA Conference Titles

Macy’s “Diversity”

Humanity United “Technology Challenge”

AMC “Original Series Logo”

Be Bold, Be Bald!

Oxfam “Darfur PSA”

AICP “Booyah”

PopTech! 2012 Conference Titles

Grill It With Bobby Flay

Mandela Day 2009

Game Show Network “Promo Montage”

PopTech! City Resilient 2013 Titles

ESPN “Fuera De Juego”

Wall Street Journal “Digital ID – Asia”

Fisker “Anthem”

Cine Latino “This is Cine Latino”

Prince “Speedport”

Bluefly “The Catch”

Norfolk Southern “Lonely Gallon”

Coca Cola “Surfer Girl”

Bluefly “We’re Gonna Be Late”

Burger King “Made To Order”

Cadillac “Chrome Couture”

General Electric “Tower”