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Big Ideas

When games, brands and agencies want to break new ground with music projects that defy categorization, they partner with COPILOT. And the results are astounding.

We started COPILOT in 2008 because we wanted to be more than a jingle shop cranking out spots. Been there, done that, still love to do that, but… we saw media changing and wanted to be part of that. We craved projects that challenged us to solve new problems. We wanted to improvise and innovate.

Lots of companies say they’re about big ideas but we’ve got projects that demonstrate what we’re talking about.

Visa’s Samba of the World

Our first conversation with Visa’s digital agency started with a very simple premise: Visa is “everywhere you want to be,” so how could we build something that actually did that? 32 amazing tracks later, we are the musical directors for a ground-breaking music video experience that allows soccer fans to jump from country to country in real time, with passionate and authentic arrangements developed in collaboration with local composers and musicians. Words don’t fully describe the experience, so watch all the films here.. We leveraged our international talent pool and academic backgrounds in ethnomusicology on this project, and while it wasn’t always easy, it was a thrill to see it all come together.

Click here to hear all 32 countries reimagine the song for Visa and the FIFA World Cup!

Bethesda Softworks’ Neumond Recordings (Wolfenstein: The New Order)

After scoring a heart-pounding announcement trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda’s 2014 reboot of the legendary game, we became part of a larger conversation that started with the question “how do we take this music thing further?” Set in an alternate 1960’s universe in which Germany won WWII, it was clear that re-imagining the music of that decade would be a powerful and entertaining extension of the rich world created by developer Machine Games. Enter Neumond Recordings, the German label created to promote ten fictional artists, and their world-changing music, written, arranged and produced by COPILOT. From the conceptual stage of researching genres and archetypes of the period, through the details of recording with vintage gear and revising lyrics in German, to preparing the Neumond house band for it’s debut at PAX East party, we relished the chance to create something on a large scale for a deeply enthusiastic audience.

Click here to watch more of Wolfenstein’s universe!

The Verizon Destination Store & Amplify It!

We’ve spent years creating music to get people into the store. So it was quite fun to suddenly be inside, enhancing the store-goer’s experience with a music and sound. The centerpiece of our work for Verizon’s flagship lifestyle-focused store was the Amplify It! music mixer, an interactive experience that puts the user in the role we’re used to playing: mixer and arranger. Writing an interactive piece for a large brand requires great chops, but also an understanding of the UX and how it would change the end result. Equally challenging was creating the ambient world for a gigantic video wall with localized sound and MS Kinect sensors. We essentially had to bring it to life with sound, and in the process find the right balance between what would be composed and what would be generated. With advances in directional sound and virtual reality, sound and music for experiential media will be increasingly needed, and we feel uniquely prepared for those challenges after this project.

Oppenheimer Funds Multi-factor Equalizer

World-class jazz composers and musicians create an interactive metaphorical journey for the finance world.

The most exciting part about working on the frontier of media is knowing that the next project won’t look anything like the last one.

Where is your imagination taking you? Tell us and we’ll tell you if you’re crazy or not.

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