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There’s no industry taking more creative risks than the gaming sector, and we’ve been lucky enough to create a bunch of memorable and ground-breaking music for some very big titles.

Fallout 76: Country Roads

A John Denver classic is reimagined and breaks the Billboard Country charts with no label or publisher pushing it. Almost heaven!

Fallout 76: Tales From The West Virginia Hills

Classic sci-fi/horror radio dramas return in this series developed specially for Fallout 76.

Rage 2: The 12 Days of RAGE-MAS

A holiday classic, Rage-style!

Fallout 4: Nuka-World Trailer

What if we wrote a jingle with all the zip of Fallout 4?

Wolfenstein II: Blitzmensch

Or how about a jingle for a German cartoon superhero?

Paragon Open Beta Trailer

When we got to work on an original score for Epic Games, well we kinda got stuck at the word “Epic.”

Dishonored 2 E3 Gameplay Trailer

IGN recognized this trailer as one of the best in show at E3, and that was due in no small part to the buzz surrounding our creative rearrangement of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman.”

Doom Launch Trailer

With a face-melting score that quotes the classic ‘E1M1’ theme from the original Doom soundtrack, we helped Bethesda set the stage for an enormously successful reboot release.

Dishonored Announcement Trailer, AKA “The Drunken Whaler”

We took a classic sea shanty and twisted it until became dark and violent, twisted lyrics and creepy children’s choir included. With millions of youtube spins, multiple awards, and an official remix competition, the song became a thing in its own right.

Fallout 3 “Growing”

When the call came, little did we know we were going to be part of one of the most beloved game titles of all time. Our job was to be their “mad men” jingle writers.

To see the rest of the Fallout 3 campaign, see our “Old School Productions” reel.

    • Best in Show – DC Addys 2009
    • Gold Awards for Product Launch – Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) MIXX Awards 2009
    • Finalist – One Show Interactive 2009
  • God Winner for Best Online Advertising Campaign – MI6 Awards 2009

Wolfenstein: The New Order Announcement Trailer

Our most far-reaching gaming project includes multiple trailers and creating an entire record label roster from scratch. Visit our case study  to see and hear the award-winning and much buzzed about alternate universe we created in the studio.

    • Best Use of Music in a Film Trailer or Game Promo – Association of Music Producers (AMP)  2014 Awards
  • Gold Award for Best Use of Music in a Game Trailer – 2014 Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards

BattleCry Announcement Trailer

While the game itself is in development limbo, we were proud and honored to create multiple trailers and in-game music for a AAA “IP” release. We especially loved this beautiful announcement trailer by Psyop. To see the E3 gameplay trailer, click here.

Tetris Ultimate Announcement Trailer

It’s not every day you get called to officially remix THE TETRIS THEME. Boom!

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