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Sonic Branding

Fun fact:
A sonic identity can have as much, if not more impact on how a brand is perceived as its visual identity, at a fraction of what it costs to produce and implement. Research has shown that and effective sonic strategy can improve brand communication efficiency and perception by as much as 30%. Watch our free tutorial:

As experts in the field of sonic branding, original music production and sound design, we are perfectly matched for the task of creating a unique palette of sounds and music to complement a brand launch or refresh. Because of our strong involvement from principals and diverse network of composers, sound designers and engineers, we are an incredibly flexible shop, and will be able to rapidly adjust to your needs as the project progresses, without ever losing the overall strategy. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Hello Blackbox

You can hire a thousand top engineers to make a business software platform friendly, but the fastest way to communicate that feeling to someone who’s never used it is through music and sound.

Take 2 Games: Private Division
Powerful and simple branding for a new indie game division of a AAA publisher.

Wall Street Journal LIVE
Branding package for WSJ’s ground-breaking video content platform.

AMC: Original Series
The iconic opening logo treatment that launched Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead and signaled AMC’s hugely successful move into original content.

WGBH: World Voices
Branding package for boutique television channel launched by WGBH.

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