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On 03, Oct 2019 | In | By

Invision App “Design Better” Audiobook Series

Narrator: Joey Schialo

Engineers: Kevin Halpin, Jeff Citron, Ravi Krishnaswami

Script Editing: Jason Menkes

Agency: Invision

Agency Producer: Rob Goodman

On 27, Feb 2019 | In | By

CityLab “Technopolis” Podcast

Theme Music Composer: Ravi Krishnaswami

Executive Producer: Jason Menkes

On 10, Jan 2019 | In | By

Fallout 76 “Tales From The West Virginia Hills”

Music Editor, Mixer, Sound Designer: Ravi Krishnaswami

Music Supervisor: Jason Menkes

Casting: Pamela Fahey

Agency: AKQA

Agency Producer: Derrin Andrade

Agency Creative: Elizabeth Bieber, Mark Habke

Agency Account Director: Adam Abbruzzese



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